It was December 14, 1998, after the 10 o’clock news, Luc, my husband, headed for the bedroom. when I arrived; he had inconsistent gestures, and his language was not the same. I figured something was wrong. I called 911, it was a stroke, and it was like a bomb. I did not understand what was happening with him.

So, one day at a time, we did the right thing. After returning from the hospital, he was crippled, speechless, and partially paralyzed. I helped him relearn his letters and life went on heavily. I was looking for something that could have helped him. I found an association in Montreal, but it was too far. I thought there should be one on the South Shore. After doing a lot of research, I met other people like me who were interested in an association. So together we formed Aphasia Rive-Sud.

At first it was just us spouses and people with aphasia.

Through this we discovered our potential, everyone was doing their best, and today, I am proud to see that with the help of many people, the association is doing well. I wish a long life and the best to all who are here.

Chantal Robert

When my health seriously failed ten years ago, my life turned upside down!

Without a benchmark or an adequate resource, I wandered until I discovered Aphasia Rive-Sud (ARS). The entire ARS team has done their mission for the well being of people with aphasia! It was with his support and surrounded by my companions in misfortune that I walked and progressed to the point of regaining my appetite for life!

Infinite gratitude for the LRA!

Denis Thouin

To be a source of multiple resources for people with aphasia!

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