What is aphasia?

Aphasia (A) is linked to damage to the brain, in areas of language occurring because of a stroke, brain tumor or traumatic brain injury (TBI). It can also be neurodegenerative, we then call it Primary Progressive Aphasia.

The aphasie card:

A communication aid, an awareness tool. It is designed to be personalized since each person with aphasia can check off the statements appropriate to their situation according to the difficulties they are experiencing and the best strategies to help them. It is available at the association.

What is craniocerebral trauma (TBI)?

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a trauma causing destruction or dysfunction of the intracranial nervous system … For there to be craniocerebral trauma, the brain must have been shaken or hit directly and the brain cells or neurons and their extensions (axons) have been damaged … Traumatic brain injury usually causes a sudden change in the state of consciousness of varying severity and duration (a change that can range from minimal confusion to deep coma). ” (Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec)

What is a cerebral vascular accident (stroke)?

Stroke damages part of the brain. This occurs because of a problem with the blood circulation responsible for supplying the brain with oxygen, such as a ruptured or blocked blood vessel or artery. The oxygen supply is therefore insufficient, and the brain suffers irreversible damage.

Signs of stroke


Although the warning signs of stroke vary depending on the areas of the brain affected, there are three major symptoms that should alert immediately:

  1. Numbness or sudden inability to move an arm, leg, or entire side of the body, with loss of feeling.
  2. A brutal inability to speak, find the words or understand them.
  3. Blurred vision or sudden loss of sight in one eye.

Even though these signs are brief and resolve within minutes, they are still indicative of a stroke, so call 911 immediately and state that it is possibly a stroke.

As with a heart attack, every minute counts to limit the serious consequences, even the death of the victim.

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